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How Y Combinator Turned a Mistake into a Defining Moment

Today is the first day of class, and you were expecting to teach a class of 30, but instead in walk 150 eager students. You don’t have enough books and the room is too small, so unfortunately you’ll have to turn 120 students away, right? Well, if you’re Y Combinator, the startup accelerator responsible for…
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Turn a Team of Experts into an Expert Team (Part 1)

  You just put together a dream team for a major company project, Congrats! Now there is nothing stopping them from doing a killer job, right? Well, it’s not enough to just have highly talented people working on a project, they actually have to work as a team. As managers, we often think that bringing…
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What makes teams great?

We all know what a great team could do, but have all experienced the struggle and frustration of a bad team. There are 5 main team factors that are well-researched and understood, but often hard to implement on the ground. Trust: Without trust the team will fall apart. Members lose confidence in the projects success,…
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Article: Cornell Student Business of the Year Pitch

Check out our latest feature in the Cornell Chronicle! http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2018/04/student-business-owners-vie-campuswide-prize  

Goal Alignment

“Without a goal, you can’t score.” Goals of course are what a team collectively aims at. An individual’s understanding of job expectations, the process for fulfilling these expectations, and the consequences of one’s performance are important for team effectiveness. When groups set goals, they tend to make sweeping statements, such as “get more customers”, which omit details essential…
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