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About Us

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Our mission is to help companies foster a culture that empowers and supports their people by building better teams.  We’re driven by a question – what will the world look like when every team can achieve more?

Doplr emerged out of the understanding that a person’s experience at work is largely a function of the team they are on. Free coffee, happy hours, and bonuses are all great, but what truly creates meaning and engagement is our relationship with those we work with, and the belief that we’re working towards something bigger than ourselves. In fact, 65% of Americans would rather see their boss fired than get a raise (Forbes).

We are operating under the belief that if leaders knew how to help their teams, they would, and Doplr is aimed at providing more insight and awareness into team dynamics that are critical to project success, and employee happiness.

Founding Team

We put the work in teamwork…

Maya has been working in and studying organizational behavior and team effectiveness for the better part of a decade. She completed her masters at Cornell’s ILR school, where she founded Doplr with the understanding that being on a team isn’t easy, but when teams are great they’re able to make magic. Previous team members have said that Maya challenges the team to think outside the box to find creative

solutions, and never fails to keep things silly.

Cory is a jack of all trades, and a master of none some. With a master’s in electrical and computer engineering, and a decade of experience in software, Cory is our technical lead. An electrical engineer by training, software developer by trade, and hardware enthusiast by hobby, if it involves making he is the guy for the job. On a team Cory “gets sh*t done” and never hesitates to help others on the team.


Cornell ILR: Doplr’s academic advisors are Cornell ILR professors, tapping into a wealth of expertise on teams, organizational design, and diversity and inclusion (https://www.ilr.cornell.edu/)
eLab: Doplr recently graduated from Cornell’s startup accelerator, where they spent months talking to hundreds of leaders – from fortune 10 firms to local startups, HR professionals, and knowledge workers (www.elabstartups.com)



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