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What makes teams great?

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What makes teams great?

We all know what a great team could do, but have all experienced the struggle and frustration of a bad team. There are 5 main team factors that are well-researched and understood, but often hard to implement on the ground.

Trust: Without trust the team will fall apart. Members lose confidence in the projects success, become disengaged, and it slows down the flow of information sharing critical to innovation and overall group productivity.

Communication: Research shows that 30% of all projects fail due to communication issues. Teams with effective communication share task information openly, are more dependable, and have higher levels of trust.

Collaboration: Team collaboration allows teams to self manage, and hinges on interdependent tasks.  Not every task or goal needs collaboration, but as tasks become more complex, collaboration, information sharing, and interdependence must scale.

Psychological safety: Psychological safety in a team is a shared belief that the team is a safe space for interpersonal risk taking. This may sound “soft” or “fluffy”, but it is a critical component to enable innovative ideas and collaboration across tasks. In context, this means that team members feel comfortable asking for feedback, sharing new ideas, asking clarification questions (e.g. “what is this week’s goal?”), and bringing up issues (e.g. “I think our plan to enter new stores is not specific enough”). Without the presence of psychological safety, members are likely to feel disengaged, stay silent, and suffer from groupthink.

Aligned Goals: “Without a goal, you can’t score”. Team goals tend to be sweeping statements that omit details essential for execution. Studies show that setting challenging and specific goals enhance engagement, and committing to those goals improves performance.

Doplr helps to identify the weak links in team effectiveness and provides recommendations to improve. So leaders can take away barriers to success, and create all-star teams!

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